About Ed - 1

 I have lived and worked as an artist on the central coast of California since 1970, and for most of that time, I’ve been known regionally for my surrealistic and visionary paintings. Examples of some of these paintings are found in the surreal portfolio section. However, I live in one of the most beautiful natural environments on earth, surroundings which I cannot ignore as an artist, so from the mid-1990s, I began to devote more of my artistic efforts toward landscape painting. In 2004 I moved to Big Sur, CA, and lived there among redwoods and sycamore trees for over eight years. With my surreal work, I seek to express conceptual, psychological and spiritual truths, while with my landscapes I am expressing aesthetic harmonies, truths expressed through nature. These are the two poles of my art. Big Sur is rugged and remote, yet the ribbon of Highway 1 that snakes along the coast brings over three million visitors a year who all seek a few days or hours of Big Sur inspiration with which to renew their spirits. Big Sur, like all of nature, is fragile and vulnerable to the assaults of man and, like all beautiful places, everyone wants to be there, but that is not possible. I don’t think my paintings are a substitute for being there, but maybe they can ignite in the viewer a spark of appreciation or even reverence for nature which will renew our awareness and commitment to the conservation of our environment.  - Edmund Moody