About Terry

Terence George John Prince aka "Terry" or "Hide" peacefully passed away Saturday, March 12, 2022, at 5:35 p.m. Seventy-three years young, he was surrounded by family sharing stories. love and Hawaiian tunes as he transcended. Born in the East End of London within the sound of Bow Bells, Terry was ever the optimist and Cockney to the bone.

He was a self-appointed comic, with no audience too small. He made himself and anyone else lucky enough to be in the room, laugh. A natural mentor and psychologist, Terry was sharp as a whip and always willing to give sage advice.  He lived for adventure and once sailed from Hawaii to New Zealand with Captain Jeff Dyas on a 32' catamaran. He lived in Ragland, NZ where he gathered l friends and enjoyed epic surf. There he met Richard Mole, who brought him to Big Sur via Hawaii in 1980. He spent many winters on the north shore of Oahu surfing big waves at Waimea, Sunset, and Pipeline, which led him to become a surf coach. Terry followed in the footsteps of his grandfather White, an orthopedic shoemaker. He earned his nickname. "Hide." by creating his signature hand-stitched leather sandals. Known as " the seagull", he loved seafood and fishermen and stitched the bird in every pair of Hides.

Terry loved mysteries and was an enthralling storyteller. What Happened to Sherlock Homes ? was his first published book. He was a member of the Sherlock Society and went on to pen another novel which is a culmination of his life adventures, titled  The Hook.

 Currently, the Hook is in the process of publication and is due to be printed in late 2022. If you are interested in acquiring Terry's first Book, What H to Sherlock Homes, you can purchase a copy here at Big Sur Inspirations. If you have an interest in purchasing a copy of the Hook when it becomes available, please leave your email and contact information in the contacts section of our website with a note stating you want to be on the list of contacts when the book is available. Terry was a very humble person who gave always to people in need. In honor of Terry's spirit, random acts of kindness are encouraged and donations made to The World Central Kitchen would make him smile.