About Rachel

Beadwork is in my blood. It’s my heritage. My mother’s mother was brought up on the Flathead Reservation in Montana, where all of the women beaded. As a young girl, I had the wonderful experience of going to 4th of July Pow-Wows on the reservation and seeing the head-to-toe intricate rainbow of beadwork. I began collecting treasures, on the beach, through my travels, in exotic bead markets overseas, and at gem shows. When I bead, I sink into timelessness. I get lost in hues of various colors and my work becomes my meditation. I am the weaver of the web. Gemstones are soothing to me. My seed bead mandalas mirror so much of nature and are a tangible symbol to me of how we are all connected. I feel each piece holds a bit of the magic of the moment it was created. My best work comes when I travel and am able to take my beads to a beautiful place, usually with a vista. I never plan what I am going to make. The pieces evolve in front of me inspired by the beads, a stone, a shell, or a color combination. Each piece has its medicine, power, beauty, color therapy, or energy healing, thanks to the amazing stones I have the privilege of working with. My joy is seeing the person it was made for, find their perfect piece.