Sarahndipity Clothing

Sarahndipity Clothing is under reconstruction. We decided to scratch the stuff from China and support "made in the USA" companies. Our new clothing will be made from Organic and Eco-Friendly fabrics. We also will be offering Wholesale if you have a store or business and would like to sell our clothing.

  We are going in a more focused direction that will not only support us, as artists but will support what we strongly believe in, preserving what is being threatened on our planet. By connecting with companies that are giving back to the earth, a percentage of each Sarahndipity product sold will support planting trees, ocean clean up, and endangered species.  If you are interested in the new line and want to be informed as we print, please feel free to drop your email on the home page. We appreciate your patience and are looking forward to sharing our new creations with you.

- Sarah and Rachel at Sarahndipity Clothing