What Happened to Sherlock Holmes?...

What was Sherlock Holmes’ fascination with the legend that took him 35 years to decipher? Can this tale be true?  The mind rebels: Can Dr. Hill Barton, a centenarian beekeeper in New Zealand, and Dr. John H. Watson be the same man? Only now, after 50 years of silence, is he able to reveal the mystery of what truly happened to his companion, Mr. Sherlock Holmes? This most incredible, yet plausible tale was reportedly dictated by Hill Barton and recorded by White Prince. The sessions were transcribed during evenings by candlelight in an old woodshed on a mountainside in New Zealand. According to Prince, old Hill Barton only confided in him because he was also an Englishman and, as such, understood the chivalry of an English Knight. And so, Prince was enlisted by Barton to fulfill his promise to Holmes, which was to coherently record what in God's name happened that hysterical full moon night when, as the legend goes, Wilson, the most amazing athlete, ran his heart out, no more so than if the Devil Himself were on his heels!


The original copyright of this book was 1984. The author, Terry Prince, is a long-time Big Sur resident known for his enthusiastic storytelling, and after being asked for years to record his Sherlock Holmes book, he finally personally recorded the story for a 5-CD box set in 2009.