Rainbow Gemstone Necklace by Rachel Moody

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Each rainbow gemstone necklace created by Rachel Moody is different from the next and one of a kind. This beautiful necklace has multiple gemstones in every color.

Center green gemstones are Ruby Zoisite (largest round), faceted dark green Tsavorite either side, assorted green Turquoise, 1 faceted Emerald, lighter large greens are a round Jade & Chrysoprase.
Smaller greens include rare bright lime green Gaspiete, Serpentine, Peridot and blue green Amazonite.
Largest blues are 2 faceted round Sodalite, faceted Iolites, Apatite, smaller bright Blue Turquoise and Lapis.
Lavender Lepidolite
Purples include 3 rare round Sugilite and Amethyst.
Largest pinks are Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, smaller Tourmalines and 1 small Ruby. Deepest reds are Garnets.
Oranges include 3 nice coral beads, light to dark Carnelians, Amber, small faceted bright and larger lighter orange Boulder Opals.
Yellows (from largest to smallest) Butter Amber barrel and spacers, bright faceted yellow Carnelian, 3 yellow Chrysoprase,
small faceted Peach Opal, sterling clasp and chain. Adjustable length.