Rainbow Gemstone Necklace with Blue Turquoise by Rachel Moody

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17.5”-18.75” adjustable length

Sterling clasp and chain

Blues starting at center are beautiful blue turquoise, round blue Tourmaline, larger blue  green Azurite (looks like the world), bright Blue Turquoise up towards clasp and darker translucent Kyanite, smooth Iolite is similar color.

Greens include large round Ruby Zoisite (mossy green with pink and black speckles), round and smaller faceted Tourmalines, assorted size and shaped Chrysoprase, Jades, smaller round Prehnite, Green Garnet, lime green Gaspeite and Serpentine.

Yellows include round Tigers Eye, Amber (round and tumbled nugget), faceted Golden Onyx, bright yellow Carnelians.

Oranges are light to dark Carnelians, natural Mediterranean coral (old, rare and inherited).

Pinks include gorgeous faceted Pink Tourmaline barrel and smaller facetyed beads above Garnets and Ruby, Rubies (2 shades faceted larger is cooler and smaller deeper pink by Garnets. Garnets are the deepest wine colored gem (button and round).Purples include Amethyst (medium and large round and assorted smaller shapes and shades), Spiny Oyster Shell